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Buy Contextual Links With Many Discounts On 42networks

First we have to create a new blog, it can be made on any platform, whether it's 42networks, wordpress, logdown, joomla, etc., if asked which one is more seo, of course, all blog platforms try to make their site always optimal in search engine SEO.

Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example

Start a New Blog With Contextual Links Buy At 42networks


For bloggers: suitable for those who are just learning, 42networks quick 1 minute creation, google products, free encryption connection available, life time except for blogs that have a custom domain

For wp org: the install takes a long time even though it's automatic, the design is attractive, a lot of plugins help, pay for the hosting rental fee, also suitable for beginners


Whichever you choose is up to 42networks, many people have made thousands of dollars both from the blogger platform and self-hosted wp, it all depends on how the admin manages it.


Prepare a responsive and seo friendly template


Next 42networks, prepare a responsive and seo friendly blog template, usually most new bloggers are looking for a template on google "the important thing is the design is good" without considering whether the template used is responsive or not


My advice is to try using premium templates, many 42networks blogs share premium templates for free without paying a penny, although I doubt it's a redesigned version whose footer link has been replaced by the blog owner and then shared with the aim of backlinking or later when we download it, we will miss a lot of shortlinks.


By installing an automatic responsive template, 42networks blog will still look elegant even though it is accessed on various devices, while from the SEO friendly factor, try not to have many structured data errors.


Keyword research


Google now doesn't use match keywords to display the results, but if the keywords 42networks that organic visitors are looking for are in blog articles, chances are your blog's position will not be far from the first page of Google. So choosing keywords for the title as well as collecting derived keywords to build into articles is important


With keyword research we can see what 42networks keywords are most sought after by visitors, how many competitors are there, what is the CPC value for the ads, how many keywords are searched for each month, how fierce the competition is in the top 10, etc. You can see all that

Try to use long tail keywords 42networks (5 words long title) so that the results are more leverage, while for keyword research you can use paid tools or free tools such as keywords everywhere, just look for the top search I've posted before